Saturday, March 31, 2012


So today it was nice with some sun and some of you have already gone to your cabins or other places for easter, and its a lovely mood of happiness in the air. Although now its snowing again, which kind of sucks but still at least we had some sunlight, hey?

Perhaps you saw this little collage on our facebook page, but we thought we'd show it again in large version. At Shine we're a bit more excited about holidays than the average person! Karoline and Agnes drew a fabulous easter egg on the windows at Shine, did you see it? We'll put a picture on Monday. :)

We're in love with anything yellow-ish these days! 

So for everyone out there, have a lovely evening and enjoy time with your loved ones. Time is precious, therefore it is vital to embrace the now and think of all the great things in your life that you cherish and feel grateful of. 

Love from Shine. 

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