Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fabulous Week / Day 4 Outfits

This is what we were wearing today , it is almost like we should keep going like that for a year , we get to dig out some dresses we haven't worn for ages and the swinging between hight and low heels is getting easier as well ( i can say that since i cheated a bit today and paired my DvF dress with my bikers boots)

What i think i was good at today was changing for the 3rd !!! time this week the color of my nails :)
and this alone is an achievement ! ok , i have let´s say a dozen of nail polish that i keep buying just because the color is so cool but i found out that i never have "time" to use them excuse this week , the color of the nail has to match my outfit so i have gone from grey to green and yesterday blue boy by CHANEL and today back to OPI red ....MHHH i don't know what to do tomorrow ..

And this Agnes with the so cool Essie green ...matching her new ring from 5 october we received this week at shine ..

See you tomorrow :)


PS: the tired look on our faces is due to late partying last night for all of us ..karoline who had time to sleep on this morning came with an outfit to overshadow the queen itself with the cutest matching hat but i am not sure we did take a picture of it in our slight haze ...

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