Tuesday, March 6, 2012

i love my job !

ok ok so yes it is so fun to have a day at Shine especially when the day end on such a beautiful picture of sweet Agnes :) 

i mean , doesn't she look like a sunshine :)

Today we received a huuuge parcel from des Petits Hauts , witch was the new french brand we started at Shine last winter and fell in love with , the total look is so very Parisian french and fresh and affordable , we love it !

And we started the day with a new photo session at 9.00 , Elise , Karoline and i ( but as a mother of 2 i was awake already since 6.00 so had one fabulous coffee at the best coffee place in town : dromedar) 

Its funny because i found out lately that the barista working there named Vegar knows more about my, and my friend timetable than we do ourself , witch mean that if you need to locate me just go and ask him,  obviously he knows where we are anytime :)

so once at the studio i had to get myself in some clothe as well , we were going to take lots with Karoline but we know it is good to show how clothes fit my kind of shape :)

obviously it was not my kind of day to try clothe ( had a try at shaving my legs this morning witch ended up in shaving only half of it since my boys were quarelling loudly outside the shower cubicle ) 
but i had pumped myself up a minute before by painting my nails in orange ! youhou ! 

i always tend to start with nails when i am lost about my looks these days ...
it is rather easy and very satisfying ( can't get nails wrong ) 

there was a bit of styling as well ...
it is always in the detail that i get a good or bad feeling about a silouhette 
here i loved the mix between the soft top/dress from Aiayu and the ruffness of the leather and cord belt from Forte Forte ..

some outfit come out really easy because they are so obvious like this one under , but really this IRO dress can be combine with so many different shoes for a day to evening look and we will show you how another day ..

Then it was over before we could say oh la la and we came back to found that we had received many parcels , so we will update the webshop : www.shineshop.no later this week , and hopefully we will have the same beautiful sunny day as today , it makes the light so nice to work with ..mhhh...

a bientôt ..


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