Wednesday, February 29, 2012

this is NOT fashion !

or maybe it is ...

Here we are, Elise and i ... dear Elise going along those long  days with me , now the webshop is 10 hours away from opening and we have worked and worked and our stage is far from being about glamour and elegance !

the word CHIC has definitely left the building !

the facts are : today i actually came at work with a pant plastered with what probably is some yogurt ..

And Elise is so tired she forgot half of her hair at home !

normally Elise is very inspiring like in this picture below ..

but as you can see the glamour pouffed out of her tonight ( see picture on top of this post ) 

BUT hey  my glamour´s so gone i seriously don´t even think i should post a pic of me right now !!

earlier today we were taking the last photos in the studio , had barred several boxes again in the car , out the car , up 3 level , back in the car forgot half the stuff , back in the studio and then Karoline was sitting there, all sweet on this wool fluff  ..

and the rack of clothes was set like this .

and THEN Elise looked MAGIC !

BUT that was this morning ...

now Elise and I are looking forward to celebrate ...

And we will start our day with all the SHINE girls around coffee and croissants ..

have a lovely ...night :)

...shine ...

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