Thursday, February 2, 2012


Soooo here at the fair in Copenhagen we had a look at the famous 'raincho' by Norwegian Rain, a brand from Norway that is a collaboration between the super cool tailor/designer T Michael and Alexander Helle. This is a unisex open poncho that is designed to keep you dry when its pouring down, without compromising your style. These guys wear them over their suits to get that edgy tailored look, and girls wear them over their dresses and jeans. Stay chic in the rain! 

We have ordred this legendary 'raincho' and it will come in three colours, costs 3900,- and arrives in March! 

Check out for more info

These guys are nominated for Nåløyet 2012 and recognised by Vogue Italy:

                                                   "Talented Newcomer 2010" Vogue Italia & WHITE (March)

                                                                     "Vogue Talents" Vogue Italia (Sep 2010)

This design team is so chic, they should be featured on The Sartorialist (if they haven already been!)

Elise trying on the light shade. 

We love it! 

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