Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shine little french party ...

shine little french party 

So yesterday evening we had a little party at the shop to welcome the arrival of Isabel Marant second delivery and we thought a bit of french touch was for the best :)

Agnes and Karoline went all over town to fetch a french baguette ( witch we found at the sweet muriel bakery Franske Nytelse ) and some proper tasty cheese at Calle´s Rafnklau ... and some red wine of course :)

Apart fro the food and drinks :) we were of course showing the wonderful uber cool new design of IM !

Isabel Marant flower print 
                                                                 the soft flower print

we had invited all our customers who ever gave us their email address and i hope you were one of them , at times in the beginning especially, it got a bit hasty and crowdy but as the evening came and some trying-rooms got free the ambience relaxed , if you felt you did not have a proper look don't hesitate to come back , things looks so different in the daylight :)

i know who left with this fabulous dress and i am so happy for her because she will look fabulous in it for years !

karoline built the Eiffel tower in shine paper bag ...

Vanessa Bruno colors and print 

                             Vanessa Bruno had also delivered novelties in all shade of blue .

                                                                      a great little bite ....

                      Julia and Elise cracking a laugh...wearing two different take of the same print ..

the peach jeans from Isabel Marant and the corduroy short ... we have the jeans in white as well and its FABULOUS ! and its finally at shine after eyeballing it for several seasons on the catwalk !

jade jagger jewels 

Many thought that the jewels were from Isabel Marant because they fit well with her spirit but in fact they are from Jade Jagger and in silver or gold and very cool to layout with other ones ..

                                                          Jade Jagger silver necklace

                                  bag from Vanessa Bruno , dress from Isabel Marant

                                                          black and white and boots

                     Agnes and Karoline in two of their favorite pieces from the new collection

Karoline and i in green dresses , personally i have been waiting for mine in ages so i was so happy to finally wearing it :) , Karoline is wearing the other green dress witch can be worn either with belt or not , the neckline can be buttoned or open and its either a very good day dress or a strong evening one and the belt on it is so cool !

red white and pattern from Isabel Marant 
 the red and white line and the famous white jeans ..

all in one a lovely evening and a great introduction into a new season :)

ps: back from Copenhagen were i froze for 4 days i got a cold witch might keep me stuck in bed for days so hopefully more time to make nice post for you :)

have a lovely cosy evening ...


  1. Har dere den grønne kjolen Karoline har på i butikken nå? Str og pris?

  2. hello Christina , vi har en siste grønn kjole i str: 42 ( men dem kan passe en fra 38-42str) go den koster 2000-, i silke :) bare ring for å reservere eller få den sent til deg :) 73516910 ..