Thursday, February 23, 2012


We thought we'd introduce you to the whole team at Shine today, as we want you to know us better!

Charlotte started this shop 10 years ago, and is an expert in french fashion and style, and a self made entrepreneur. Originally from Paris, every season she sets out to the fashion fairs in her home town and in Copenhagen, looking for best brands and pieces to bring home to Shine.

She is the ultimate stylist, and is unafraid to tell you what you look good in. The fashion advice she gives is priceless.



3 THINGS CHARLOTTE LOVES: Travelling, open landscapes, people who smile.

3 THINGS CHARLOTTE HATES: Dog poo in the streets, bad wallpaper, people who leave the milk out (Elise)


Agnes is the beautiful blonde with the artistic skills, who is always impeccably dressed with her own unique classic style. With a determined mind and killer looks, she is an invaluable gem here at Shine! Agnes has studied art in Denmark, and has a real talent for anything to do with art. Agnes is working on the shop floor and will welcome you every day with a smile!

AGNES' DREAM JOB: Scenograf/smykkedesigner

OBSESSION RIGHT NOW: Short jackets, skirts, shoes, vintage rings

3 THINGS AGNES LOVES: Travelling, drawing, laughing.

3 THINGS AGNES HATE: Sisters that steal her clothes, coffee without milk, wet shoes.


Karoline started working at Shine summer of 2011, and is a delight to work with, as she is constantly super happy and also an inspirational dresser. She's not afraid to try a new look or style and gives great style advice! Karoline is teamed with Agnes on the shop floor and also has a special talent for drawing on windows! Amongst other things. 

KAROLINES DREAM JOB:  Painter with small studio in Paris.

OBSESSION RIGHT NOW: Karl Lagerfeldt, hats, colours

3 THINGS KAROLINE LOVES: Paris, her horses, Danish counts.

3 THINGS KAROLINE HATES: Losing her mobile phone, bad weather, grumpyness.


Elise has been at Shine on and off since 2006, and is currently here as a media-ansvarlig, designing blogg and occasionally taking photographs for the blogg and facebook page. Now working on a new project for Shine, that you're gong to LOVE. 

ELISES DREAM JOB: James Bond-girl, or astronaut.

OBSESSION RIGHT NOW: Antique clocks, coffetable books, Isabel Marant Roomi top. 

3 THINGS ELISE LOVES: Burgers, cigarettes, couture.

3 THINGS ELISE HATES: Polyester,  removing usb safely, low battery on my Blackberry.


Natalia is our glamorous russian super brain, and is our in-house accountant. She has a mathematical brain like no other, and has been at Shine for six fabulous months. 

NATALIAS DREAM JOB:  Investment banker


3 THINGS NATALIA LOVES: Shine, my husband, jewellery

3 THINGS NATALIA HATES: Getting up before 09:00, pina colada, being late. 

Do you feel you know us a little bit better? :)

We hope so. 

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