Tuesday, February 28, 2012

haaa i have so much to tell you ! i will have to chunk it out .. as you maybe have noticed the last month this blog had become more and more simply about the pieces we were getting and not so much about the blog . This is going to change !
We are finally opening a webshop after a growing demand from several customers in norway but also abroad ( we have sent packet as far as australia ! i think this is due to some of our designers being so hype now that more and more found it difficult to find in their local shop ) .
Sooo now that the webshop is soon to open we have time to take the blog back to being more personal !

aaaand i will have to cut it in chunk :) .....for the one who knows me good : i can talk/write for hours .

so my first re-blogging pictures is perfect ! 

rutzou kjole 
cause its me :) in one of my favorite ( new in the shop ) dress ! 

And for the little real story .. today was really an off day witch i started on the wrong foot ; first had to run trough bad rain/ try not to slide on the icy road while delivering my boys at daycare , then when ( as planned) we arrived...( we being elise , karoline and i ) at the photo studio to take some photos for the webshop ( upload/ unload car in the rain nice/not +elevator not working so up 3 staircases with lots of boxes ) We found out that the camera was not working !!! 

But later today this big feel good packet arrived ...

rutzou snake skin sneakers 
First a box with those powder snake skin rutzou sneakers .yeah ! 
Then the fabulous dress that we had been waiting for !

Agnes had to make a happy dance for it ! 
I must say : we love both the dress for everything it is and its price : 1499-, !!

So EVEN so i had a bad hair day combined with NO make up = bad combo , It still took me circa 2mn to jump in the dress :)
Witch ..changed my day because it made me instantly happy !! Crazy the power of clothes ha ! 

And if you wonder what our more than platinum blond ,Karoline looks like in that same yellow dress, there it is :

I think she looks LOVELY ...

so more pictures of her :)

i hear quite often many blond saying that yellow make them look yellow .. here its more like pale pale pink witch is so elegant ..

And also in the blue dress ..

I would and will wear this dress for a party , a summer wedding , for everyday with a pair of boots , just for the pleasure of it . 

I will tell you another time the beauty of wearing a dress , how it is so much more easy than one think ..

but for now , good evening to all of you !



  1. What a beautiful dress! I really like the yellow one. Do you think it would look good with a belt in the waist? Can`t wait for your webshop to open.


  2. hello Frida , yes i think it would be really good as well with a belt :) i think this dress is too pretty to save for only party time , don't you think ?
    I am planning to ruff mine a bit by adding a pair of biker boots , a belt , and ohhh yes my lilac paul smith boots that i bought on sale in Paris ..
    We are working around the clock to open the webshop :) .

    1. Goodie! I will check it out tomorrow then. Maybe I`ll click home the yellow dress or a nice necklace. There are too many temptations in your store :)


  3. Ah, endelig et langt og saftig blogginnlegg! Jeg elsker når du blogger Charlotte, det du skriver bobler over av entusiasme og fortellerglede og morsom galskap. Rützoukjolen er fantastisk, både i gult og blått. Kanskje den rette for et lite bryllup jeg skal i i sommer....?

  4. Thanks hildegunn :) made one more post tonight , hope you will like it :) natta

  5. Hei! Finnes den gule kjolen for salg fortsatt??? Har akkurat oppdaget den, helt fantastisk!! Mvh.