Sunday, May 6, 2012

New York day 4 ....

I must say that on my fourth day in New york i was rather proud when we hit the local gym club before height in the morning and i manage to go do my run on one of the treadmill there .. it was a cool feeling to have done that once in my life :) 

Afterward i wished so hard for a green juice so we went to the next corner and i had the best juice ever made , you could choose between 10 different green juice or other smoothies and add your favorites shot of extra power ! i had a super detox with kale and added a green detox , it was surprisingly delicious compare to the fit that it was thick and ...deep green :)

the juice bar at the equinox nolita gym center ...
btw.. EVERYONE is having personal training in NY and they are all on the Pilates waves and you can see how it works for them ..

i kept my trainers on the rest of the day ..
and i went for a long walk trough Nolita and throughout Chinatown ...

first lunch stop at Cafe Habana... last time i had a take-away there on my trip in october it was Hanneli who had placed the order and we managed to eat 3 !! corn on the cob each !! the food is delicious there and simple ..nam 

next door is The Lab , a french-New York perfumery witch has great scents and cool packaging ..

One of the New Brand we are introducing at SHINE this next autumn is the  New York based but Norwegian made WITH&WESSEL , they opened a shop in New York Nolita lately and we loved their take on new basics in the best wool quality , the line is sporty with a soft edge , the patterns are often stripes , and the shapes are either tight or wide for layering ...that day at their NY shop i found several pieces for me and some for my friend as well .. i am so looking forward to have in the shop next winter !

with&wessel NYshop 

the shop interior has a nature inspired layout with real wood logg supporting the clothes rag ..

With&Wessel shop NY
 their summer collection was inspired by long summer days at the beach ...mhhhh

Later again i went all the way to the super famous BabyCakes NY bakery ( )
to have one of their gluten-free vegan cupcakes , Erin Mc Kenna the supercool owner and maker of this bakery has gain fame in a record time , she created the first proper gluten-free and vegan bakery with tons of delicious cakes some years ago and has an ever growing customers and fans following her , she has now finished her second cook book about how to make her cakes at home and i NEEDED to test one of her cupcake to believe it ! ( i had ordered a year ago her book to try make the same cakes at home but failed badly because you actually need some flour that can only be purchased in the US :( ...

 THIS CUPCAKE WAS AMAZING ! i ordered the plain vanilla gluten-free vegan one with no sugar and it was the best texture and the topping with was made from soy was even more yummy than a plain buttercream !!

on my way back i found this other Crazy ! coffee place ... its only in NY you will find such places !
its called roasting plant and the owner there has created a machine that BOTH roast AND grind the cup of coffee you will drink right before your eyes !

you pick your coffee from one of this tube then it is sucked up and goes in front of your eyes through several machine then back to your cup !!

 Amazing result !

I always tell myself when traveling that i won't take back books this time and it never fails !!! 
I have by day 4 already ten of them ! and they are heavy !
but when i found" J´adore clic "i could not resist ...

on top of having tons of art books that i would not find easily somewhere else they also had this dreamy photo exhibition witch i fell in love with ..

Jordan Sullivan was the artist and he had a serie taken on the road together with Pamela Love , their work consisted of photos accompanied by text written in the print ..if only i could have got one of those ....

Balthazar is great lunch place but it is so french ! the entire interior down to the tiles have been imported from france , there is always a long waiting queue outside because NewYorkers are crazy about it ..

I would never go to NY without paying a visit at the Isabel Marant store down on Broom street , its happily five minutes from were i stay :)

Did i said that she was the ONE designer everyone is crazy about ? seriously , i became instantly appealing just saying i sold her design in my shop :) people are ordering her things online because her shop is constantly sold out of all her best designs ..

At night we went to cinema and around the corner of our room was this cute guy : ) 
its not at all in my habit to take pictures of anyone being famous but i used to have him up in my top five of the good looking together with brad pitt in my twenties so i could not help but stuffing my mobile in his face :)  as my friend said : surprising to see him with his shirt on !

HAVE A lovely SHINY sunny !

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