Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sans Stylistene

I have been into organic and ecological products for a while now , for most of us it start when we have children and become preoccupied with what we put in their little body or what we put into our body while we are pregnant , i started before that, in my early twenties when the trend was emerging in France and everyone was talking about the natural cure to illnesses, food could provide, or that beauty products could contain so many harmful things ... 

a year ago i was looking in my city trondheim for a hairdresser that could provide me with a hair color that would not contain any of those harmful chemical ( i am not really a fanatic of henna since i ended up with a crazy color in my twenties :) ..
And in my search i found out about Sans Stylistene !

Sans Stylistene is a hair salong and a lot more , of course they dyed my hair in a wonderful color but their place is very feminine and welcoming as well . They have been the first employing pure hair products  in trondheim and they retail as well Isun a brand witch i love and talked about some post ago .

these days they are looking for a new manager ( daglig leder) and i hope that by posting their add on our blogg they will succeed in finding a lovely person who want to contribute to the wonderfull work place they created :) 

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