Wednesday, May 2, 2012

time for update from my New York trip ..

It is already a little week since i was in New York and finally have time to post about it, and i was thinking about posting it day by day for a better insight ..

Arriving at newark mid afternoon when the sun is shining after 8 hours fly trip is a pleasure and i love the sight of those yellow cabs !

i always plan to dress smart but comfortable for such a long flight , so for me it was IRO silver tights and green Isabel Marant on the way to New York ..a bit of colors on my lips on arrival and VOILA !

My entrance ticket to the Omega conference about woman and happiness was ready at my friends place when i arrived and we went out for dinner straight  away , since the temperature was so hight i choose to wear my sandals with a jeans and my stripy yellow tunic from Forte Forte ...and my Jerome dreyfuss bag 

Our first dinner was at Esca an excellent italian restaurant uptown were we had reserved a table on the outdoor terrace ...

i saw the sun going down on the city while that first evening while eating this wonderful rhubarb cake ..


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