Thursday, May 3, 2012

New York day 2

Day 2 in New York started super early , we were out jogging by the Pir at 8.15 with half of Manhatan , we had to be uptown on 57th street by 9.00 to start our conference witch lasted the whole day .. the sun was shining and the air was humid so it was a strong feeling of summer in the air ...

Later in the afternoon i went from 57th street down to soho were i was staying by foot , going trough the village , some of the entrances of those little narrow town houses are absolutely beautiful and lots of them have wonderful flower beds laying around and the doors are painted in all kind of colors ..

I was wearing my black and pink Nike sneakers ( without i would have killed my foot ) and as a good wannabe Newyorker i was newly introduced to LULU ( THE sportswear brand on the lips of all the woman in New York : aka : whaaat !!! you don't have any LULUUU ???? , OH. MY. GOD. ! you HAVE to get some LULU !!!! first day i seriously thought they were joking ! me wearing yoga pants during the day AND not at the GYM ... BUT as you can maybe see on the pictures i was soon a complete addict .., i think in fact those pants ( witch i bought by 4 ) were the ones i wore for most of my stay ..

power walking down avenue of America ..

Some of the restaurant down in the village looks like you could be in the side street in Paris , in fact half New York WANTS to be Parisian ! the coolest restaurant have names like Baltazar , cafe Pastis , chez Panisse and the interior is entirely imported from France down to the last detail ..

Garden flowers in rainbow colors ..

I wanted that green bicycle so bad..

In the evening and after changing to something nicer than my Lulu :) we went to see the play .a midnight summer dreams with in the main role my talented friend halley gross and chirstina ricci , the play was a pure joy to see in over 3 hours , every minute of it was either very funny or breathtaking with a dreamy scenography ...

And we were sitting on the first row so we could almost touch all this wonderful actors ...


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