Saturday, December 31, 2011

all my pretty dress ..part 2

Before the new year ..


Going trough my dresses , taking pictures make me think about my family , some of these dresses i wore to weddings , baby shower , some i got as gift , some i love , some my husband love , most of them my kids get very happy around , in some i look like my grand-mother or my mother , somehow they are more than dresses ...

i can see when i gather here most of them that they have a boheme feel to them , maybe it is because i want to tell a story when i wear them , most are not cheap because i choose carefully and for life ..

i have a real taste for green ones and surprisingly when i count they is quite a number of Diane von Fustenberg one , i think i like her style because she is a woman creating for all women .

this red chiffon dress i bought over 12 years ago , i buried it in my basement for years and when i got it out it was almost damp , i saved it and now wear it again with some tribal accessories or my new Stella mccartney semi long jacket to make a more severe look to it ..

oh i much i loved everything by Phillip Lim ! i still have the pleasure to own 3 pieces and quite a few gorgeous pieces are own by one of my former colleague so i still see them time and again ..
this light blue dress was the only one i could ever fit , his sizes being too small for me but the details around the neckline are so pretty ..

 i wear this blue dress  with my oversized cocktail rings to remind the strass in the neckline

right now my biggest fashion craving is for wild strong colors , i started this autumn with my orange Proenza pss1 bag and kept on going with this little purple/fushia dress by DvF and would love to have some crazy shoes with it or a yellow fur ..but so far i have to contempt myself with two layers of pantyhose and a statement necklace ..

you are all probably long into the preparation of your new year eve and i hope your night will be all you want it to be !
                                                  so long and see you in the next year !

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