Thursday, December 29, 2011

all my pretty dresses ...part 1

it´s soon new years eve and as usual i am wondering what to wear ..

 A short time ago a dear friend asked to borrow one item of my wardrobe and we went trough all my dresses and i realized i have many nice ones that i haven't used for a long time , it´s either i use the same dresses everyday and have styled them a thousand times or i used them just for a few occasions ..

 anyhow i think it is a fun thing to do, to find new ways with the same piece ..

over the years i have also built up a huge collection of colored pantyhose witch i use whenever i am in the mood for something a bit crazy , most time i only swear to plain black ones as they will fit anything ,

the little black jacket is my key items when i want something timeless to wear over any dresses ..

If i wear a complicate dress with lots of prints on , i will try to keep the rest simple , here i choose a color in the pantyhose that is in the dress as well , a matching purse and simple hair and make up ..

The little black dress : i have five or more of those black ones , its always a good backup plan in case you don't know what to wear for a dinner or a party ..

 I also think that no matter what the season and your shape is the coolest way is no pantyhose at all ! just a bit of body cream and you are good to go ..

i have dresses that make me travel a bit in my head while i wear them , these blue one for example is from the 50th handmade by the best maroccan designer velasco and was a gift from my beautiful step-mother who received it as a gift herself , it has been ( the dress ) to many decadent party and i love to own it ..

i hope you enjoy this little trip in my wardrobe and i will post more of it tomorrow :)

ps : you should the same , get back into what you own and play with it a bit :)


  1. oh my! the shoes on the first picture are sick! so incredibly cool! i guess you´ve bought them long time ago, so they are impossible to get by now?
    i really like that you show your own wardrobe, you seem to have a real unique and chic style. want to see more! :)

  2. Heya , the shoes Are by chie mihara And i bought Them in Paris two years ago but There is so many Nice ones out There so i am sure we will Find something Alike soon , if I am the first one I will say :)