Monday, December 12, 2011

Petit Bateau forever ..

if like me, you think life is hectic with small children, but you still want your loved ones to look and feel good in their clothes with minimum care than you will LOVE Petit Bateau ! 
 Petit Bateau was created in 1893 by Pierre Valton a french man who invented the underpants .
the collection is composed of two parts : the basics in either 100% cotton or half cotton and wool and we have this collection available all year round , and the other part is called the collection and is composed of seasonal items like coats and pants , dresses and socks etc..

 THE GREAT thing with Petit Bateau both for baby , kids and grown up is that EVERYTHING can be washed in the washing machine from 40degree til 60 or even 90 degree for the cotton ones if you need to remove some stains ...and that we like because we save so much time that we can use on doing cosy things instead :)

 the classic Petit Bateau raincoat both for boys and girls ...a safe model witch comes back every seasons .
Our best sellers are the basic tops and underpants in half wool/cotton in white stripes for both girls and boys , but we also have the light pink stripes and light blue stripes ..
 what about your little boys ( from 3 years old to 11 years old ) wearing this wool coat ?

the classic raincoat in poussin

call us or send us a mail to reserve your favorite pieces , we send around norway as well and we can guide you with the size system ... phone : 73516910 email :

have a lovely day :)

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