Monday, December 5, 2011

good times ...

Today we received those cutest scented candle light , each have a beautiful monogram and we have just begun seeing the possible combination one can make with them ..

their size is super cute as well , neither too small or too big and the packaging is gorgeous

 we finally have our little pink stripped shopping bag were we love to pack the little gift one get at Shine ..

But this saturday at Shine we had our christmas dinner party as well, and for that occasion we dressed pretty, went out for dinner together , ate delicious food and danced a bit :)

                                                      a little guide of our team ....

Natalia , our blonde beauty and the mathematic brain who clear all our paper and account work , usually wears the cutest printed pullover but here in the little black dress and killer hair !

 karoline or caroline , was surely parisian in a former life . usually wears a tutu and a beret , when not helping our beloved customers is either running after her horses or currently putting the last bit of icing on her personal project : the Eiffel tower made of pepper kake deig !!  ( pictures will follow ...and be prepare its huge..)

elise or darling , comes in twice a week to fix all our media need ( we are talking , FB, blogg, twitter etc.. media ansvarlig as its called here )
also bring along her constant good mood and her glamour to our little shop , usually dressed in casual design black but wore a lovely short/long dress that night ..

 the bag of the night ...

charlotte or i .. what to say :) that night was wearing my bright fushia Diane von fustenberg dress paired with Lanvin for HM necklace in red ( will wear this outfit during work hours now that i broke it in :)

                            so that was for a bit of update tonight and until tomorrow ....

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