Thursday, October 20, 2011

A ray of sun..

It is getting so cold so fast out here and make me understand that we are entering a new season , we have received lots of new parcels (yeepee) this week , a small one from Vanessa Bruno followed by two huge packets witch contain to our great relief the famous turtle neck in silk and wool that has been our bestseller for ten years ! some wool dress , silk ones too , elegant tops and much more but right now I feel like going back to Paris and France were i was just few weeks ago ...mind follow me ?

Le bistrop vivienne in the gallery vivienne to get a taste of old PAris

Le grand Colbert were americans jet setter eat their lunch

And my childhood home were I go and spend holiday as often as I can ...

Great cafe in isle-sur-sorgue

And I with my reading hat on holiday ...

I felt like having a personnal post tonight while the wind is blowing out there and the house seems to do everything it can to stand in the middle of the storm , summer is still in my heart , I cannot decide on a new winter coat ( but for the grand cold I have my down ready :) I feel like the leaves are living the trees a bit too fast to my taste while the light tune down , I am already a step into my new travel where same day next week I will have set a foot in New York for a week of fun :)

I wish you all a sunny evening in your heart ...

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