Friday, October 28, 2011


Good Friday to all of you! Today we got these wonderful room fragrances from Dr Vranjes, which is litterally the Rolls Royce of room fragrance. 

Dr Paolo Vranjes is an artisan chemist, cosmetologist and pharmacist, which founded the laboratory placed in the heart of Florence, Italy in 1983. 
The laboratory follows the ancient traditions which inspire the creation of hand crafted fragrances, melticulously, researched and crafted with love and perfection. 

They give a nice subtle and even fragrance for your house,  as well as looking stylish as a decorative item. The bottles are inspired by antique florentine glass bottles, and the wood sticks are made of bamboo to easily absorb the fragrance. The containers are quite large, and  contain 500 ml of oil.  

Once in a while, you turn the sticks the other way around for an extra boost of scent. 

We have seven unique scents here at Shine, and testers are in place so you can choose the perfect one for your home. The one we've opened to test and that is filling the shop right now, is Ginger Lime and we're totally in love with its freshness! 

Price is 899,-

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