Thursday, October 13, 2011

maxi jewels

I have been getting lots of compliment for one of my bracelet I bought years ago from an antik shop in marocco , it came from a boutique called Majid in tangier and he has some of the best you can find if you want some real old good pieces of practically anything , as maybe some of you know Yves saint Laurent and his companion and investeur Pierre Berge had and still have one of the most beautifull property there and most of their furniture and decoration items are coming from the same shop I bought my bracelet from ..
Well long story to tell you that I suddently felt it was about time to get some maxi pieces as well as our little delicate ones ...

Those are coming from italy and they will be at the shop in a month and I hope you will like them ...
And we are getting the jade Jagger jewels collection as well but that is a story I will tell soon :)

Have a lovely evening ..

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