Monday, October 24, 2011


We got news from Aymara! This Bolivian fair-trade brand is hand made by women who make a decent amount of money, unlike some of their fellow Bolivians. 

This makes the quality excellent, using cashlama and babylama wool in their knits. which has the warmth of wool, but isn't itchy whatsoever. 

This grey dress is so wearable, here shown with the longer cardigan over, in a beautiful grey nuance. 

Ever so comfy! 

This cardigan is a classic! 

This is a longer cardigan, with gold buttons and a finer, even knit.

This is a longish cardie too, in a cable knit. Also with gold buttons.

Agreat piece to throw on when its chilly outside and you're not quite sure if you're going to be warm enough! 

This is of course just some of the pieces, we have more in store! :)


  1. Jeg har på meg min nye, fantastiske Aymaracardigan i dag; hverdagslykke :-))

    Ha en fin dag!

  2. HE!

    Så HERLIG!!! D e t liker vi å høre:)

    Ha en finfin dag du også!!