Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday morning hypeness

I am back from Paris and I will update on all the cool new collection I have seen very soon but since a week I have been wanting to show you my new book acquisition and my fabulous accounted with it's writer :)

I guess most of you have been following on all the movements that marked the fashion world this last year , the ( forced) departure of Galliano from Dior , Alexander mc queen living us , and the mysterious decision of Carine Roitfeld to leave the direction of the French Vogue to her collaborator Emmanuelle Alt ( witch we here at Shine love love love!)

So I was in Paris and I knew the release of Carine Roitfeld book about her last ten years at the head of the French Vogue was getting released in October and I went to several library and asked for it , all to get the answer that it was not getting out before the 18 of October, by then I would be back in Norway and ready to use Amazon ..

Then for the good of my blogg I went by Colette to take some pictures and as usual there was so many people outside and inside that I got dragged into the shop without seeing the window witch would have gave me a hint but ....

It is not alowed to take photos inside Colette shop but I managed to squeeze for this one of the silouhette of Terry Richardson cut out of paper in real human size and repeated a hundred times in their backyard ! So super cool !

Then while I approach the desk up on the second floor I can see THE irreverent book of CR witch I just snached , and then as I turn a woman witch I can recognize being Colette herself ( she has never allowed photo of herself to be taken but while I was studying fashion in Paris she was such a cult person that I got a glimpse of her once ) so colette grab me by the arm and take me to a corner of the shop were Carine Roitfelt herself is sitting and signing her book witch is pre-released that day only at the shop !

So yeaaaaah I got myself a dedicate by the queen of coolness herself and she was surprisingly such a soft spoken petite woman , not at all what you can picture !
And after I recollect from my shock and understanding that she was living I just waited outside with a crowed of paparazzi to take a photo :)

You will pardon my bad pictures but I am probably the worst paparazzi there is :)

Anyway :) the book is at Shine now and everyone is welcome to have a look at it ( 10 days before official release:)

Have a fabulous Monday !

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