Saturday, April 14, 2012

SONIA by Sonia Rykiel release party ..

we had a little party at the shop to welcome the arrival of the SONIA collection here at Shine , we had patiently stored the beautiful paper balls we had found both in Paris and copenhagen on some of our trips and we could finally hang them up to celebrate all the vibrant colors and the sun witch was shining outside .

we had a bit of a run before most people arrived and some of the picture show the half finished layout , we had plan to show the collection from mid afternoon until late in the evening but most people started to come as soon as we opened our doors and it kept flowing all day until late evening and i hope everyone got our attention ( i remember some hectic moment were elise and i were actually eating the same toast without knowing , or me standing in my pantyhose on the table to hang some paper balls ...)

we had gathered some inspiring pictures of limonade and we tried to re-create the same effect and everything came into place when i found those lovely paper straws in Paris at the Bonton shop : ( on my last trip to Paris for the easter holiday ..

Shine vue from the street ..

the lime limonade with fresh berries and lime 

Karoline had the great idea of making those strawberries dipped in chocolate and i had forgot how good that was until we finished all of them after the party was over :)

I hope you all had a nice time yesterday and found some treasures ...



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