Sunday, April 15, 2012

beauty favorites

It has always been really clear ( at least for my husband and best friends ) that i am a total beauty junky when it comes to skincare .

In france were i come from the beauty routine goes from mother to daughters and we already know a lot at an early age , the base of it is: protection protection protection ! 

i remember some early holidays were my cousin and i were literally of our own will, painted in thick white 50 SPF on the beach in the south of france ( secretly wondering why no boys was attracted to us ...) 
luckily nowadays those creams comes in lighter version because i still swear by them , i could quite frankly loose my sleep over a sun burnt , knowing that it might lead me to either ; best case : new wrinkles  worst case : melanoma .

i swear i never used a sun bed before i moved to norway , and the first visit was a funny catastrophe because i spend the longest 15 mn of my life wondering how the machine works and then it went off !
In france it has been very trendy to be borderline transparent white and the sun bed studios have a very bad reputation so the way most people in norway want to be super tan was a novelty for me .

But it is living in Norway and traveling to danmark regularly that put me on the right path with my beauty products .
Before, i used to think that the most advance technologically the face cream was, the best results one would get , for years i swore by Esté Lauder , Chanel , Creme de la Mer ( witch has gave some of the best result to my skin but is stupidly expensive ) .

Now i have learnt that somewhere in between all those creams loaded with trash that your body struggle to get rid off, you can find some simple but wonderful face oils that are instead loaded with natural bounty .

So from Creme de la Mer to ISUN , i went trough years with Jurlique ( but found out its not only pure stuff inside ) , tried a bit of everything at The Organic Pharmacy ( witch my friends used to send me from london back in the days were it was not available at Body Bar in trondheim ) , tried of course Olio Lusso ( such a hype product in Vogue and Bazar ) , then my search for the perfect oil ended when i found ISUN 

with ISUN i got rid of many problems at once : small dry patch AND spotty area , a new clear and subtle skin appeared and the smell of the products are to die for !

Isun is on sale in trondheim at : sans stylister in Nordre :
and Siv witch lead the salon can help you find the perfect product for you , most are really potent so you don't need to apply much and they are worth the investment and your body will thank you for it !

from Isun i use also their body lotion witch can nourish my skin in spite of being light , the eatable face mask with cocoa and of course the face oil ultra sapphire  packed with antioxidant .

Of course i cannot stay away from the add in magazines so i still use some "poisoned " items like the advanced night repair from Esté Lauder , the new lancome serum , and of course since i stay off the sun but don't want to look like a pale face when the summer comes, some self taner .( but for info, The organic pharmacy makes a good one also )

Not on the pictures my favorite face cleanser is the carrot butter from the organic pharmacy for witch i will write another post ..

the products above are for my body and hair , kevin murphy anti.gravity volumateur is a good one 
( on sale at sans stylister ) REN products are finally on sale in norway at any pharmacy and i recommend their maroccan rose otto body oil , chistophe Robin is the star hairdresser in france and has this wonderful lavender oil to nourish your hair , and furterer is an advance brand on sale at french pharmacies .

A good looking packaging always works for me but lately i have been into NARS , MAC , YSL, for the make up range , with an exeption : the CHANEL  nail polish !!! 
let´s make it clear now : they ruined my nails !
i love their colors , i collect them even , but honestly they are so full of crap that my nails will take month to look normal again . 
i would not talk about it if i was alone in this case but several of my friends have noticed the same problem and we are all desperate for a solution .
i hope that the new nail polish line from Deborah Lippman we received at Shine will save my nails , those nail polish are free from most bad chemicals you can find in others .

Ha! and one more thing before i end this post for today , i stopped using water to wash my face twice a day to remove make up and dirt !
i use instead in the evening either the carrot butter or the water micellaire from bioderma on a cotton pad and my skin had a huge improvement .



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