Monday, November 28, 2011

Shine this week ..

                                                     sonia Rykiel pull over to make you happy and shine ...

 i must have gone trough all the antic shop of this town to at last find a old wood and glass box !
 this little bijoux originally come from a shop in bergen and this is were we will soon have Maria black jewel collection or maybe Jade Jagger´s one ...

  some fashion inspiration with books from CR and the met  catalogue of Alexander Mc Queen exhibition

 i tried to take a photo of myself with my saturday outfit , dress by manoush , jacket Isabelle Marant , shoe  by Rag and Bone ..

i wore this dress once and it has great memories attached to it but i kind of forgot it in the deep end of my closet , now it makes me happy to use it again because i can see it make other people happy to look at it so it´s such a great way to start this month of december :)


  1. When does the Maria black jewellery come in?

  2. Hello anne, they are coming either today or tomorrow , we will post at once :)