Friday, November 25, 2011

I LOVED NEW YORK and more ...

i am such a jukebox that most of anyone who met me those last month knows i went to New York .

Most knows as well that i had an amazing time there , but at last i can profit tonight of the storm witch is blowing out there to sit down and post the pictures i took whenever i was not pacing up and down Manhattan or crossing over to williamsburg .

 On the first evening were the daylight was going down i went for a trip uptown just to get that unique feeling you get standing at the corner of Barney´s looking toward central park , the trees in the round square are full of bird chipping through the constant tintamare of the city , it is like you have become totally transparent to the world and i had my five minutes of peace there ...

The day after started in a very unusual way , early morning i was at the pier not far from were one of my favorite blogger lives , i was going to be a part of ( and somehow holding a camera ) for the shooting of a new clothe campaign starring ....

                                                          Yes none the less than Hanneli

You can see who is the most happy of the two :)  honestly it was fabulous to be spending some days with Hanneli and get so many good fashion advice from her and also have the privilege to get a view of her garderobe ( we are talking about THE dream garderobe , perfect mix of everything you would ever dream of , and organized to perfection )

We had a eyewear trying session were we passed around our own pair of shades so i could prove i can wear  hanneli favorite pair not quite like her but not too bad as well ... or what do you think ?


  1. Amazing! - It looked incredible to be there, and I hope we can hear more of the campaigne? : )

  2. Jeeez, Charlotte, Hanneli, Carine Roitfeld, hvis du nå plutselig har et opplegg med Garance...da tror jeg ikke at jeg kan BLI mer misunnelig. Men jeg unner deg alt! Du er så søt!

  3. Wowza! Fantastisk og fabelaktig snuppa<3