Thursday, November 24, 2011


STEP ONE: get yourself some candles and a cozy little tree which you decorate with little christmas balls. 
Take your time while doing this. You don't want to exhaust yourself for whats coming next. 

STEP TWO: Stand back while contemplating your master plan. 

STEP THREE: Drag electric cord towards you. Choose not to stand on dodgy old ladder. 

STEP FOUR: Dont let the lights get tangled in your hair. It could turn into a fight with your own head.

 STEP FIVE: Get some appropriate tools to catch electric cord.

STEP SIX: Be careful while hanging out the window.

 STEP SEVEN: Attach cord to random nail in wall that just happened to be there. 

 STEP EIGHT: Make sure electric lights are properly attached.

 AND VOILA! Your very own Tim Burton-esque Christmasy boutique!  HOW WONDERFUL! :)

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