Wednesday, March 24, 2010

something unique ?

so this monday i was in oslo for the day , and one of my mission was to found out all about cupcakes , macarons and other treats in the capital ! i can tell you i ate quite an amount of sweets , i started first with a croissant at åpen bakeri , the new one by litteratur huset , i was quite disapointed , it was not fresh and crispy , rather stale and over dried , it felt like it had been made days ago . the new åpen bakeri local was cool and light and well placed in the center , i then was on my way to kolonihage witch was booming full of customers of all ages , the location is to die for , an oasis on frognerveien , i had my usual and still the best carrot cake in norway : a small taste bomb with the best icing to crown it . everything at koloniehage is ecologic and the owner himself is to be seen helping around everyday , a very nice place above the average , and a great place to have lunch . my next trip was to buy some macarons at sebastien.bruno a chocolatier on frogner too who specialise in chocolate and macarons , there i ate four differents ones and brought back home a full box ,not all them tasted as good as they looks and the samples i brought back home received the same critics , from there i went to united bakery , haaa there the local are cool in all the different branches trought town and most of the bake goods i sampled in the last years meet my taste , but for this monday i had one of their walnut pecan and caramel muffins and it never disapoint ! but as you can see no signs of any cupcakes anywhere in oslo ! could it be that we are doing something unique ?

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