Monday, March 8, 2010

let´s be sweet ! let´s be crazy !

ok let me start by the beginning of this new project of ours , the ones who knows me well know how food is occupying a large part of my life : eating it :) making it , reading about it , and talking about it . i have always loved unpretentious cooking and that has always been the best way for me to relax ....apart from when i get down and start to bake !
then it is a bit like i am possessed ! , i need to make more cakes , more cookies , more cream more of everything sweet like we are going to miss soon of sugar or flour ......
a group of dear friends was invited some years ago to my place for tea and cookies , i ended up waking up at four in the night and baking for six hours straight and the table covered up with over fifteen different cupcakes and cookies , we got hight on sugar and we were six girls around the table !
I have many stories similar to this ones , one is that a couple of time a year i used to bake just for the pleasure of filling my house with the smell of sugar and butter and bring all the result of my baking to my shop and let my customers and friends have a bite .

then in august this year i witnessed at my best friend wedding something witch amazed me , a cook called kim managed to fead on his own the wedding party witch counted over 100 people ! and the food was very good ! i can only imagine the rush it must have been !
one things leading to another kim happen to be the boyfriend of christina working at shine and one day he delivers a batch of the most lovely decorated and delicious cupcakes ever and our big dream is born !

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