Tuesday, March 9, 2010

cupcakes in all colors !

pink creamy white and blue ...

our cupcake tower ..

so i have to tease a bit with those fabulous pictures by my friend anniken zahlfurunes.bloggspot.com.
those cupcakes by kim bjerkmo taste as wonderfull as they look , i am thinking about them every day and can´t wait until next friday to have another bite ..
it is so far a crazy week as all the small details are yet to fall into place , we are still waiting for the cutest box to come , we have ordered some individual boxes in white and lilac and blue from england , the dream cards witch come with each boxes have been created by my dear friend maiken sissimuk.bloggspot.com.. i wish you will want to collect those cards as i have been dreaming about them and maiken made them a reality !
we are also waiting for all the furnitures witch will make the cosy corner were to enjoy those cupcakes but i can´t wait to share it with you ... bientot vendredi !

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