Monday, January 30, 2012

Aiayu news!

what a fantastic monday !
today we finally received the most delicate beautiful warm knitwear from Aiayu !

 dear agnes has a little cold so we don't want her to pose outdoor today and we choose to pick the pictures of what has arrived directly from the gorgeous Aiayu catalogue and we will take photos with karoline in the morning instead ..
 this is the best wool dress ever !
 the top over comes in grey and dark blue and i am dying to get one myself because it would be so beautiful under any blouse ..
 cardigan with intricate knit ..
 dress we have in a darker blue ..
 this top witch remind me of a Rothko painting comes in this color combination and in green as well ..

 ohhhh and finally this basic top in this delicate pale pale shade ..haaaa..

and since it was too cold for posing outside but we wanted to show you the detail of the knit we made our little hand photoshoot :)

hope you love it as much as we do..

wishing you a cosy monday ...

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  1. Love love love <3
    Kommer innom så fort jeg rekker det!