Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shoe love?

We had planned a Nice saturday post but since it looks like it wont post technically and i Am dying to show you my New addition / addiction .. Here Are the 3 New pairs of shoe i recently purchased on my trip to Paris ...

You will Ask : 3 pairs ! In one trip ! ... The thing is that i Am having obssessions , shoes Are one of them , i Think that as a teenager i felt like i always had the wrong pair so i Am catching back now that i can ..
Also quite often i seems to buy things by 3 , be it music , make-up or scarfs ..
That first pair was planned , it is from Surface to Air and they make the best buckled ones , i have a grey suede one from before and i craved a New one that could fit black ..

That second pair from Paul Smith was on sale and i love the deep purple Tone and the practical heel

The heel is made from gummi witch make you bounce but can become slightly dark after use , that pair will be good with tight pants but as well with boheme dresses

My last pair is from Isabel Marant collection and i was loosing hope to find it in Paris because the Sale was ending there when i came but i was fortunate enought to Get it in my size in her shop Rue de chaligny so now my shoe obssessions Are over ..for the while :)

Have a lovely saturday ...
Ps: going out tonight , witch pair should i use :)

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  1. The pair from Paul Smith:) Loved them!!!

  2. Vert nice shoes :-)

  3. If I were you, I would have picked the pair from Isabel Marant.

  4. Depends how much and how far you intend to walk....on these icy roads I'd say the StA, but they're all wonderful :))

  5. Skal du ut i Trondheim må du ta dem fra Paul Smith.
    De var, som alle tre parene, kjempefine!!

    God helg,

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