Thursday, April 8, 2010

something about small time luxury ..

i know it is the second time i writte about nail polish but honestly there is something really over indulgent about painting my nails when i have to small boys to take care off and a shop ..and also i have a special fascination for nail polish witch is border line as i never get to use them more than a couple of time before i feel the color is out of fashion.. so about this one , the story is : it is the last trend color from CHANEL , a very special cross over mocca and beige ( how unlikely for me !) it took me about five store in 3 different city to put my hand on one bottle of it ! i was first in paris in a random perfumery and it was sold out , at the oslo international airport on my way to copenhagen sold out , finally at the chanel department inside birger chistensen they had 2 ! bottles left ! of course by then i was totally desperate so i bought one ... ( the real reason why i was at chanel in the first place was to buy a pair of ballerina but i had to satisfy myself with nail polish as all ballerinas from chanel were sold out in copenhagen ten days ago :)
there you can see my nail polish match my last gluten , sugar , milk free cupcakes ( ash !) but the polish was good :)
if you follow my blogg in ten days i am in PARIS again and theeeen i will get my pair of CHANEL ballerinas DEAD or ALIVE !


  1. what is the name of the polish -- it's lovely.

  2. hi tricia , the polish is called particuliere ( peculiar in english :) it is the trend collection for this spring from chanel .