Thursday, April 22, 2010

my favorite red dress..

this dress is fantastic! it can be either : sexy , clean , laid back and many more things reflecting your mood of the day , the textile is cotton lycra and the cut is so smart , with pockets to be confortable and i think it can be used at work or party , for the one who dare less we have one left in black :)


  1. Amazing dress, i just love it! what brand is it?? Tell us more!!
    i have to run and buy as soon as i'm back in Trondheim!

  2. HEI
    Har dere den hvite blusen du har på deg?

  3. hello , i am sorry about the late reply , i have been in provence for a week without connection to internet :) the red dress is by vanessa bruno and if i remember well the price is around 2400 kr and the white blouse is also by vanessa bruno and is coming in 2 sizes witch i think are still in the shop ( one is sold )
    this blouse is very delicate and can be worn with a balck pant or a jeans and look soft and sharp at the same time , the shoulder work and the button system make it very chic !