Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I have been staring at my empty page for days ...i do not know by what to start ..
I mean how do one resume 13 years in a page ?

But yes let´s make it clear and loud ; shine is moving on ..
and for the best !

Some may be sad because they loved our small cosy local and i do understand them ! because oh boy ! how much did i loved it myself !

Most of you who will read this post have been following us as we followed you for many years and its with a mix of excitement and sadness that you will join us in our new journey ..
But a new Journey it will be .

Because i am very happy , proud , glad to be able to present you what i have been dreaming about for years !

I really hope you will like it , because i do it mainly for you !

In 2 days on the 16th of august we will open our new space in Thomas Angells gt 10b .

We have been working on this project for 4 month only but it has been brewing in my head for years .
The space is bigger , we will still present collection in exclusivity for you in trondheim such as
 Isabel Marant , Vanessa Bruno , RIKA , petit bateau , jerome dreyfuss , des petit hauts , and more ...

So you are all welcome this friday to share the new shine with us !



  1. Jeg gleder meg til å besøke dere neste gang jeg kommer til Trondheim! Må jo selvfølgelig innrømme at de gamle lokalene var veldig sjarmerende ... Men noe nytt er alltid bra!

  2. Kommer innom så snart jeg er tilbake fra ferie! De gamle lokalene var koselige, men jeg gleder meg stort til å se "nye" Shine :-)