Thursday, July 18, 2013


Carla & Jade are one of our favorite bag designers! They norwegian duo only use Norwegian and Italian leather for top quality bags! We LOVE it! 

Here is a preview of the Fall 2013 collection from Carla & Jade. The pictures are taken from the Showroom in Oslo. 

Bags are the perfect accessory, they are so personal, so practical, but can totally make an entire outfit!

These pieces will be in store very soon! We cant wait!

Here are some of the BATU BAGS we are getting in, now in white, finally in two shades of blue, as well as a black one with patent-leather. Soo cool! 
The Gumini will be back as well

These new colours are amazing! 

We will get the NUSCH BAG in a Copper Black Edition. So clever! 

So many great new colors and effects! 

We cant wait for fall! So many gorgeous bags!

Also you can find some of those items already on our WEBSHOP!

If you want to reserve a piece, send us a mail at:


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