Sunday, May 5, 2013


I am few hours away from my trip to London !
would you believe it or not , i have been travelling a "bit" this past years ...
Paris of course several times a year.. loosing counts , counts as coming home ..
Copenhagen as well , New York 3 times in this last  year ...
BUT london !!! not been there since 6 years ago when i went to pick up my bespoke weeding dress by british designer Jenny Packham !
and i know why ... too many good shopping spot = super dangerous for my wallet !!!
but now here i go !
3 days and lots to see ..
This is a list of the places i will check out , maybe i am missing on something ..
Liberty of course , Selfridges..then the Dover street market , Wolf and badger , Hostem , Good hood , Shop at bluebird , labour and Wait ...will be some of the fashion spot i will have a look at ..
Then the Shoreditch house for lunch or high tea , booked myself a pedicure at the Cowshed spa to enjoy their location..
Will go to see the David Bowie exhibition at Victoria and Albert museum tomorrow as this monday is a bank holiday in London , maybe time for the Tate witch is always a good place to Visit ..
Then i will visit the dearest Phoebe Coleman for lunch in her neighborhood were the inspiring interior and salvage shop Retrouvius is as well ..
I have to get some fresh juice at the 42 Raw branch in london as it is one of my favorite place in Copenhagen and i am sure the london one wont disappoint..
Well i am packing light and few items because it is going to be a lot of things to see and experience in 3 days ..In the meantime i will keep posting on Insta and the Shine team fillipa and Trine will be there to help you out at our Shop .


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