Tuesday, November 6, 2012

post from my ( sick ) bed ....

now Maria Black collection is in the webshop !
i hope you love it as much as we do ..
those pictures are taken from her own site , and i think its important to show them because Maria Black collection is all about the freedom to mix and choose to wear whatever you want to wear ..
we get a lot of questions about those pieces and here is some ways to use them ..

ok now for the little story ..
i am sick ! 
i hate it !
it wont pass , its been a month !
my problem is the same than always : i do not have time to be sick . so i do not rest so my body this time decided to punish me and give me a lesson : you shall be sick for over a month or until you rest .
so thats what i am doing now ( notice i am still blogging , answering emails etc..)
last week i freaked out , one month is long , i felt i needed to see a doctor , the first one said nothing is wrong , the same day i was to see a new physiotherapist , that back doctor was recommended by a friend , i usually go and fix my back when its too late ( like i cannot move too late ) then i call my osteopath who take five minutes fully dressed to click everything back in shape and send me home with the same advice : train your back/tummy then you wont need me .
YEP but this time it was a new doctor , i was late , i could not find my way , i almost got arrested because i was on the phone while driving there ..
Finally i make it , slightly sweaty , ten minutes late .
in the door this tall , young doctor is waiting for me , first he ask lots of questions witch i have to concentrate to answer : like how am i supposed to know witch foot i am standing on, at work !!!
then the AWFULL moment come : get your close off !!
i stand there , probably a while , before i asked him to repeat ..
yes i heard well , take all your clothe off ( apart from bh and underwear ) 
how often did i say that the real elegance is in the underwear ! 
that ,one ,must renew its underwear often !
that, one should always be prepare for things like that to happen !
ya ya ya . i almost turn and left .
but i did not, in the end , and i had to endure twenty awful minutes were the nice doctor wriggled my body in all kind of position , in the WORST underwear i possess .
( WORST is an understatement )
AND to make it a "bit " more horrible , the nice doctor asked at the end :
 aren't you the SHINE woman ?
rhaaaaa BUSTED !!!!


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