Sunday, October 21, 2012

Downton abbey lookalike in forte forte ..

it was a beautiful friday , karoline was back for the weekend , we packed some boxes and left, not knowing were we will go ..
it brought us there and we had a couple of hours to get inspired by the beautiful autumn light..

coat by Forte Forte , shirt Forte Forte , skirt Forte Forte 
travel leather back by T Mickael .

the most wonderful thing is that Forte Forte collection looks even better in reality !
you know how often we see a picture of an items on instagram , blogs etc and then we go and try to found it only to realize it looks so cheap in reality...
well Forte Forte is the opposite . 

I have been a bit absent from the blog this last week .
i was traveling to New York for a few days and got lots of inspiration and i must say coming back was not disappointing with all the wonderful autumn colors out there , the smell of fire wood and wet trees ..

I am back and the webshop will have a big update this week with lots of new products as well as the blog , stay tune ...

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