Thursday, September 13, 2012


It is the season for it !
Have you noticed those days how we can get sick so fast and almost without noticing it !
i feel that it always start because i do not wear a scarf and according to my mother i am right :)

Aiayu made the softest cashmere one this season , it is gorgeous  and comes in two size ..

As a voluptuous scarf 
like this one .

Or as the most luxurious of all shawl in a maxi size to envelop you whenever you are cold or at home when you need a plaid .

 That shawl was my first autumn gift to myself this winter because i needed something warm and soft to help me trough the shorter days ..
i have been using it as an oversized scarf on cold morning ..
pure bliss ...

of course we also have the warm shorter two tone variant as well ..
AND a large choices of other scarf in pure wool and silk or cashmere and silk in patterns and colors so everyone will find their favorite ..


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  1. Hei, kommer disse Aiayu-skjerfene i netbutikken? Tenker på Odessa først og fremst :-)
    Hilsen Karoline - fornøyd nettkunde