Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Isabel Marant New collection

We got so inspired by the whole Isabel Marant collection when we were in Paris that we need to keep you updated with what we already received in the shop , we mixed the pieces we sell now together with the coolest pant from her summer collection that Karoline bought herself in Paris ..

hope you like it as much as we do !

Isabel Marant Tintin top
surface to air shoes
isabel marant pants models own 

Those tops are soft and warm and fits with a skirt as well as a pant , the perfect basic autumn top in the perfect shape , get one use it for the rest of your life ...

 Isabel Marant has all those simple but uber cool basic pieces that grows on you and becomes favorites like this Octavia jacket , she made another version of that one a year ago that barely stayed a day in the shop before it was snapped by hungry shoppers , and now we received two colors of it , one grey mix and a kaki green one ..

Isabel Marant Octavia jacket

jerome dreyfuss Billy bag in lamb skin

And we are so happy to start again with the genius Jerome Dreyfuss bag again , we had his collection when he started many years ago and it was a bit early for our city but now its right on time and if you want a cool bag that no one else's have in the best leather , fantastic shapes and genius details thats it !

Isabel Marant Ruby top in linen

 this red linen Isabel marant tee top is my favorite for autumn , think about having either a red/black nail polish or a dark red lipstick in the same color and there you have the best outfit paired with a dark jeans or slick pant .

Isabel Marant Zipeli scarf 

each seasons Isabel Marant makes the most covetable scarf there is and this season is not exemption with this marvelously luxurious Zipeli fringe scarf , each fringes is handmade and in a slightly different shade of red and subtle blue , it can turn any basic outfit into something more !

Isabel Marant Amik skirt Tintin top 
 Its not over with summer and already the autumn season is in the shops so show your some skin in this Amik skirt .

I love the discreet transparency of this tee-top , it is both slightly ruff and very feminine with the softest cotton mix .

Get all those cool pieces at Shine or on our webshop :


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