Monday, June 25, 2012


hello everyone !
it has been a fantastic beginning of 2012 for all of us at Shine , the team has had such a great vibe and we had so much fun  working together , in those first 6 month of 2012 we grew from 3 to 5 full coworkers , we opened with great success the webshop in mars , we receive some of the best collections ever , we had some great parties , and all in one i am so grateful i was able to work with such a beautiful group of woman .

Shine is a place were people grow and sometimes are inspired to aspire for greater horizon and the first one to shift for a new inspiring job was elise darling :) who after being the motor of the webshop and all  media support found herself a place to develop all her skills , we wish her the best in her new workplace and envy her colleague because we LOVE a good elsie joke and it was such a blessing working day by day by her side .
Elise is still in trondheim so we will see her as much as we can and hopefully Shine never leaves her ...

now the summer is here and we all have some exiting plans and here are what we will do this summer ...


 i am going first for a short 6 hours trip to copenhagen to see and order Isabel Marant summer 2013 collection and i will tell you all about it soon :) .
then it is finally Paris for 4 days were i will see a couple of new exiting collection and MOST of all enjoy the city with my two beloved sunshine : Agnes and Karoline !
( i will tell you why what when in a next post )
Then a week in crete with my family were we will bath and bath and bath then back to trondelag for some norwegian summer ...mmmmm


Agnes is going toooo Paris ! first time ever so i really will show her everything i love about this city and she will share with you the rest of the month of july at Shine ...

 Karoline is finally going back to Paris ( i would feel bad if she wasn't )
i know it is Paris that brought her to Shine and most time i think she is more french than i am so she really deserve those days there and i am looking  forward to all the nice pictures we will take there and share with you in our Paris guide when we return ...
the rest of july karoline will welcome you at Shine every other day when Agnes is in the sun ...


Stylish Emma is our youngest member and also she started in the beginning of july it did not took long for her to set her style on the blogg and create great post , Emma has been living in London for the last two years and she has an understanding of trends witch is international plus she is FAST at all thing technical when it comes to media ..

Emma is right now blogging from St Tropez in france and getting inspiration there .
we cannot wait for the pictures and when she return she will start right on the Paris trip so wait and see ..

Natalia is our main brain and so we need it so much that she will be there to keep things in shape this summer until she finally go and have a well deserve holiday with her family in the sun , you can meet Natalia in the shop on some of the days when we are in Paris :)

That was some of our summer plans but of course i forget all the small moments in between that will make this summer be a great new episode in both our private and work life ...

 so stay tuned and  ...SHINE WITH US ....


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