Thursday, February 25, 2010

vanessa bruno basics

this week and this week only and for the first time until this saturday we give you the oportunity to get your right basics from vanessa bruno at a reduced price of 30 % off.
for the many who has bought them years after years since six years we wont present them because you know how good they are .. for the other ones here is a small :) resume ..

vanessa bruno has and is producing basic tops in silk and wool of the upper most strong and beautifull quality , we have polo necks ,round necks ,V necks , the tread is made of silk and wool and the effect is a slim ribb , at shine and at vanessa bruno we use those " under tops " with all kind of dresses with open neck and arms , under work jackets , to go out in the cold but keep a certain style etc... basically at any given time you can pop up at shine and someone will be wearing one of those tops because they are pretty and they are warm and comfortable ...

we have a small reduction on those this week and if i was you i would pile up for this winter and the next one and the next one ... you will never be cold and or unstylish with those ones

ha yes , and the best is that they are longggg so no more cold backs or tummy ..
ps: its aloud to call the shop at 73516910 to put your colors and size aside before someone else snap it :)

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