Saturday, October 3, 2009

for the ones who go on fashion fairs just like to fashion show , dressing yourself is not just a simple affair , if you spend a day on a fair you can be as creative as you want so you will find all kind of looks , but if you are bying at designers showrooms as i do then its very "calculated " .

the unsaid rule is that you do not dress "under " the brand you are buying at , meaning no cheaper outfits , so you have to dress slightly "better " and therefore more expensive than what you are ordering but not too over the top either ... arghhh always a " casse tête " .

also you can never ever wear the same outfit twice , that would be sacrilège as you meet the same people all over paris - the world is small specialy in fashion -

so here is how i will solve this : monday on fair all day so i will wear boyfriend jeans by Stella mc Cartney , loose top by Isabel marant in beige , soft leather jacket by Rick Owens , low cut boots by Alberto Fasciani .

tuesday i am buying at Vanessa Bruno then i will have a black 3.1 phillip lim dress and my Balanciaga black flats and tuesday i am at the über chic showroom of Phillip Lim so i will wear my Stella jeans again but this time with a top by VB and the balanciaga , i will only carry one bag and that will be the new chain bag by Vanessa Bruno who always has the chic to make bags that become clasics .

when travelling i always love to pack all my clothes in different pouch , it makes it so much easier to arrive with the clothes in good condition , and never any make up as it dry the skin while on airplanes.

i almost forgot to say its still late summer-weather in paris and i must say and don´t really remember how one must dress when the temperature rise over 20 degree so i might be too hot and have to buy new outfits ... ha la la what a life ..

see you there ..

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