Thursday, October 8, 2009

my life before chanel

As we sat with my best friend to see the movie, Before Chanel , she turned to me and asked : how often do you dream of owning a Chanel bag ? - i answered quickly : everyday !
she laughed and said me too !
so there i went to Chanel , rue Cambon on the day after The Chanel fashion show ; to be very honest it felt like there was a lot of woman in that street wishing to enter the shop so i gathered my strengh and passed the entrance door and the huge bodygard and inside the Chanel temple i was .
once i was inside i stayed ! i studied each models and over-heard some crazy stories ,like this one woman who was obviously very known by the sellers and told that the last bunch of bags she had bought was for a friend that lost them all before she even had time to unpack them !
there was no way i could afford any of the models in the shop so i went on a hunt for the perfect second hand Chanel bag .

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